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Logo Update and Product Tags

The Brief

ReSpiin works directly with producers around the world to bring sustainable and renewable textiles and homewares to the UK and Europe. Their core products are made from sustainable, renewable jute and seagrass and recycled wool.

Whilst they were happy with their logo graphic they felt the typography and implementation of the logo was not representing the brand well and they brought me onboard to review and refresh it.

Logo Typography Refresh


Product Tags


These new colour coded product tags make it easy to identify the materials used in each item. The back of the tag, which has limited space once the barcode has been added to the bottom, gives a brief summary of the material used and how it is sustainable, renewable or recycled.



“Although we loved our ReSpiin spiral we knew something wasn’t quite working with our logo, and it was causing challenges when it was being printed in India & Bangladesh due to the scaling on the labels.

We briefed Nic to do a tweak, and what we actually got was something that was instantly recognisable as ReSpiin, but that also sorted out the printing problems and gave customers more information about the materials we use.

The splash of colour she added to the front of the tags also works really well to differentiate different parts of the range, and the back brand story is much stronger now too.

I also feel confident that the scheme she came up with will work with whatever materials we add to the range which was important to future proof the brand.”

Charity Nichols
Founder – reSpiin


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