Green Tulip


The Brief

Green Tulip sells a wide range of ethical gifts. They firmly believe that sustainable, environmentally friendly and natural products can be produced without compromising on aesthetic quality. They’re dedicated to working with small businesses and treating their suppliers fairly. They’re also committed to reducing waste and plastic use as much as possible in their packing and dispatch process.

They hadn’t updated their identity since the brand’s launch in 2007 and decided that it was time to bring it inline with modern trends and convey the quality of the products in their range. For obvious reasons the green colour palette and tulip graphic needed to remain, so the project hinged on the best interpretation of these.

The Logo


Icon Design


Green Tulip organise their products online according to various ethical categories. Each of these needed an icon to help users to identify the products ethical features. These had to be in-keeping with the new identity and able to remain recognisible when scaled down to very small sizes.

Paper Tape


As part of their commitment to plastic free packaging we agreed that Green Tulip should switch to a paper packing tape. This also enabled the tape to be branded which proved crucial as they also made a firm promise to eliminate any unneccessary printed materials from their packages.

The design of the tape allows for small sections to be torn off and used as logo or “plastic free” stickers on envelopes and small parcels – reducing unneccessary printing.

Packing Sticker


One of the many things that sets Green Tulip apart from others in the market is their personal service. Each parcel is carefully packaged by Zoe and the team were keen to highlight this personal service. This illustration of Zoe is styled to match the branding and is printed on an eco-friendly sticker to be used on Green Tulip parcels.





“Having worked with Nic before she was our first choice for rebranding Green Tulip – something that I’d been putting off as I wanted to make sure it was done right.

The first logo was done on 2005 so it was in need of some attention. It was a big project but she managed to get to the bottom of the problem immediately – and managed to beautifully incorporate my favourite green colour!

Her incisive questions also helped us to understand the brand better ourselves and her suggestions brought everything together to help us move the Green Tulip brand on as a whole.”

Charity Nichols
Founder – Green Tulip

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